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Jan. 9th, 2015 12:19 pm
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Phoebe Proctor
Age: 28
Birthday: Sept. 12
Species: Human (witch)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: ~110 lbs
By the time she turned 18, Phoebe had raised enough money to leave her unsafe household and leave the witch village she grew up in to settle in a small, non-magical city all on her own. By 25, she and her girlfriend, Jasmine, were running Phoebe's own potions shop in conjunction with Jasmine's family-owned florist.

Quiet and pragmatic, Phoebe struggles to express herself fully. As such, she rarely finds herself dealing with people on a deeper level than assisting customers, and ends up exhausted when she does. Not entirely used to being in safe spaces, Phoebe keeps her guard up and remains fearful of instability. Her passions, though—namely magic (especially her potion-brewing, but living in a non-magical community, she'll take what she can get), theater (watching, not participating), cats, and fashion—light a spark in her and it doesn't take much pushing regarding these topics to realize that she's a hugely overeager dork when given the chance to gush.

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You know the drill! Leave any and all feedback regarding my roleplaying here!

Since Phoebe is an OC and, as such, more difficult to critique than a canon character, here's some stuff to get you started, or to just completely ignore:

• Is Phoebe consistent and engaging as a character?
• How's the quality of my writing?
• Are my tags engaging? Do they provide ample hooks?
• How does Phoebe come across to you? Even without a proper critique, it'd be good to know how she's received so I can compare it against my intentions!

Comments are all screened, anonymous is enabled, and IP logging is not.

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Phoebe Proctor


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